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Below-the-Hook Devices


McLaughlin Hoist & Crane offers a wide range of Below-the-Hook lifting devices. In addition to lifting slings, we have lifting devices including lifting magnets, spreader beams, coil lifters, grabs & tongs, vacuum lifters, pallet lifters, barrell lifters, plate/beam clamps, rings/hooks, and caddy lifters. Customization of specialty lifting devices to suit specific applications are also available. Below are some of the below-the-hook devices that we have available. Please contact our qualified sales engineers for more information or help in selecting the correct device for your application.


Caldwell Rig-Master® Beam/Girder Clamps & Tongs

Caldwell’s Beam and Girder Clamps allow the lifting and/or positioning of structural beams. They also may be used to hang from a load bearing structure for the attachment of a hoist or other rigging devices. Can be used in pairs in conjunction with spreader beams.

Caldwell’s grab’s and tongs use a scissors type principle to handle road barriers, drums, concrete slabs, and rails. Provides lifts without the need for lifting holes, lugs or slings. Barrier grabs have an auto-latch that when engaged, holds the tong in the open position for easy operator placement of the grab.

Caldwell Beam & Girder Clamps Brochure
Caldwell Grabs & Tongs Brochure
Caldwell Lifting Tongs Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams are used in low headroom applications, and structurally are able to handle the load throughout the beam spread. Beams allow multiple point pick up of the load for balance or support purposes. Beams can be used from two hoists to increase lift capacity.

Caldwell Economy Beams Brochure
Caldwell Industrial Duty Beams Brochure
Caldwell Mill Duty Beams Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams have top rigging and direct most of load stress through the rigging directly to the hooks. Structurally spreader beams spread load and are not designed to equally handle load stress at all points across beam spread. The greater distance between the hoist and the load (due to top rigging) gives these beams greater stability.

Caldwell Spreader Beams Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Paper Roll Lifters

Caldwell has multiple roll lifters to make roll handling simplified and efficient. Beams, Two Sided Grabs (manual or motorized), Tongs, C Hooks, Pallet Lifters and Positioners are available.

Caldwell Roll Lifters Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Coil Lifters & Upenders

Caldwell has multiple designs to lift, manipulate, and reposition coils either with the coil “eye” in the vertical or horizontal position. Economical “C” Hooks require aisle space to equal the length of the arm. Two sided lifters require aisle space to equal the length of the foot. Motorized units are also available for efficient handling of a large volume of coils. Mill Duty designs available.

Caldwell C-Hooks Brochure
Caldwell Coil Lifters Brochure
Caldwell Coil Upenders Brochure
Caldwell Mill Duty Coil Lifters Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Sheet Lifters

Sheet Lifters are versatile in the handling of bundles of sheets or other loads stacked horizontally. Efficient one person operation. Efficient worm gear drive with hand wheel, chain wheel or motorized leg adjustments.

Caldwell Industrial Duty Sheet Lifters Brochure
Caldwell Mill Duty Sheet Lifters Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Pallet Lifters

Pallet Lifters convert overhead cranes into fork lift trucks, allowing pallets to be moved throughout a plant where fork lift trucks cannot access. Fixed and adjustable fork models are available.

Caldwell Pallet Lifters Brochure


Caldwell Strong-Bac® Rotating Crane Hooks

Rotating Crane Hooks allow independent and precise positioning of a load with a full 360 degree’ rotation. These units are motorized. Available with a built in load scale and read-out option.

Caldwell Rotating Crane Hooks Brochure


Caldwell Rig-Master® Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets provide an efficient way to handle steel in various sizes and shapes including plate, bar and tube. Permanent or electric model magnets can be used in many manufacturing environments and allow greater flexibility in the handling and storage of material.

Caldwell Lifting Magnets Brochure


Caldwell Univac® Vacuum Lifters

Narrow application vacuum lifters are single pad, and multi-pad in-line design for handling small squares or narrow material. There are 108 standard configurations listed with special configurations available to fit almost any application.

Wide application vacuum lifters are multi-pad units with two, three or four cross arms will lift long, wide and/or thin material quickly and easily. There are 343 standard configurations listed with special configurations available.

Caldwell’s specialty lifters include upending units for both glass and non-glass applications. Custom designed side grab manipulations, adjustable size lifters, remote controlled, and high temperature applications.

Mechanical vacuum lifters are an economical solution for a wide range of applications where bringing power to the lifter is not practical or feasible. Over 30 different configurations are available.

Caldwell Narrow Application Vacuum Lifters Brochure
Caldwell Wide Application Vacuum Lifters Brochure
Caldwell Specialty Vacuum Lifters Brochure
Caldwell Mechanical Vacuum Lifters Brochure


Caldwell Posi-Turner®

Caldwell® Posi-Turner® Posi-Lite® Systems are designed for the lifting, suspension, rotation, and positioning of objects. An operator uses a hand held pendant or remote control to lift, level and rotate the object without re-rigging. They are available to handle loads from 500 pounds to 1,500 pounds. Heavy Duty Posi-Turner Systems are also available with capacities up to 150 tons.

Caldwell Posi-Turner Brochure


Coffing EC Turnover

Specially modified Coffing EC Electric Chain Hoist designed for machining, assembly, or repair applications which require complete rotation and/or precise positioning of large, non-symmetrical work pieces. Available in capacities from 1/4 to 4 Tons.

Coffing EC Turnover Brochure
Coffing EC Turnover Data Sheet


Woods Powr-Grip® Vacuum Lifting & Mounting Equipment

Woods Powr-Grip Vacuum Lifters are available from McLaughlin Hoist & Crane to safely and efficiently handle your material stone, glass, nonporous material

Wood’s Powr-Grip has provided innovative equipment which uses vacuum to lift, hold, and position nonporous materials, including glass, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, stone slabs, and appliances. They offer a broad range of hand-held vacuum cups, vacuum mounting cups and below-the-hook vacuum lifters to make materials handling easier. Whether you need AC, DC, Air, or manually powered equipment, there is a Powr-Grip solution to lift, turn, and rotate your material. Ideal for stone, glass, or general materials with nonporous surfaces.

Woods Powr-Grip Stone Handling Catalog
Woods Powr-Grip Glass Handling Catalog
Woods Powr-Grip General Material Handling Catalog


CM® CadyTM Camlock Clamps

Columbus McKinnon’s Camlock Clamps line features a wire array of lifting clamps. Included are plate clamps, soft-grip clamps, girder clamps, pinching clamps, turning clamps, and beam clamps.

Cady Camlock Clamps Brochure


CM® CadyTM Crane Forks

Crane forks are ideal for handling palletized loads in areas such as loading docks, crowded or unpaved storage areas, and railroad yards. They are also used frequently to load barges, gondolas, and open top trucks. Available capacities range from 1/4 Ton to 10 Tons.

All Cady crane forks are counter balanced to hang level when empty and to increase the rate of handling. Counterweight balances the lifter structure only, not the load. The load is centered under the lifting bail for a level lift. All crane forks are load tested and a test certificate is supplied with each unit.

Cady Lifters Brochure


CM® CadyTM C-Hooks

C-Hooks are available in a variety of styles with capacities ranging from 5 to 50 Tons. Compact C-Hooks are rugged , yet lightweight for easy handling. The polished, large radius inside corners of the compact C-Hooks minimize stress concentration in these critical areas. These inside corners are positioned to avoid contact with coil edges, thus deducing coil damage. Additionally, the curved saddle on the lower arm reduced wear on the coil.

In addition to the popular Compact C-Hooks, the Caddy Lifters line also includes Close Stacking C-Hooks and Ship Loaders. Close Stacking C-Hooks contain a short upper arm that permits handling a large range of coil sized flush against a vertical surface. This arm also allows the user to handle all coils in a range without interfering with adjacent coils during movement. Ship Loaders are designed for use with slings to handle two coils simultaneously. Hooks are easily separated for insertion into coils.

Cady Lifters Brochure


CM® CadyTM Spreader Beams

Lifting beams and spreaders are available in a wide range of capacities and styles. Beams are available in fixed or adjustable styles and may also be designed with special hook or shackle configurations. Low headroom beams are offered with either fixed or movable hooks, and can also be developed for three point lifts.

Cady Lifters Brochure


CM® CadyTM Sheet Lifters

Cady Lifters Telescoping Sheet Lifters for Low Headroom, Low Maintenance Sheet Handling handle sheet bundle, plate, wallboard and plywood. The basic structural configuration can be modified to handle unit loads such as palletized coils, crates, and tote boxes. The telescoping design uses very little headroom and saves aisle space. A self-locking worm gear drive prevents horizontal forces on the supporting legs from opening the lifter. The unique Cady design provides a rugged yet compact and lightweight lifter that is easy to handle. Each unit has been load tested for safety.

Cady Lifters Brochure


CM® CadyTM Rigging Hooks & Rings

We have a variety of rigging hooks & rings available including forged or machined hoisting rings, available in standard or metric sizes. Also available are swiveling rings, tapered eye nuts, shoulder eye bolts, and rigging hooks.

Cady Rigging Hooks & Rings Brochure


Terrier Lifting Clamps

We supply Terrier lifting clamps for all applications.  Types include vertical clamps, horizontal clamps, screw clamps, drum clamps, and miscellaneous specialty clamps.  ”Locking” and “non-locking” clamps are available. Locking mechanisms help to secure the clamp to the material and facilitate easier loading and unloading.  Horizontal clamps are used in pairs, sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement.

Terrier lifting clamps are made of high quality steel which guarantees a high utilization rate and long operational life.  The simple construction is easy to repair and parts are readily available.  All lifting clamps are designed on a break factor of 5 times the safe working load (SWL) and are tested at up to 2 times the SWL.

Terrier Lifting Clamps General Catalog


J.C. Renfro & Sons Lifting Clamps

We supply wide variety of lifting clamps from J.C. Renfro & Sons which are designed for the lifting and transferring of material. Clamps are available for material including plate, fabricated steel, structural shapes, pipe, and steel drums. There are vertical and horizontal clamps, locking or non-locking, and a wide variety of capacities available. Please contact our knowledgeable sales engineers for more information.

JC Renfroe Lifting Clamps General Catalog


IMI Lifting Magnets

We supply wide variety of magnets from Industrial Magnetics Inc.  Lifting magnets make a great addition to cranes as below-the-hook devices.  If you need to lift, move or position materials regardless of size or shape, magnets are the answer.  Permanent lift magnets lift round or flat material with no power supply required.  Electromagnets are available either using the crane as an electric source or conveniently using battery power.  We supply complete lift systems, including beams and magnet combinations.

Magnet Basics & Safety Info

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