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Electrification Systems

McLaughlin Hoist & Crane distributes a variety of crane electrification systems and accessories.  There are several basic types of systems for transmitting power and control signals.  Main groups include conductor bar systems, festoon systems, and corded systems such as tagline or cord reels.

We encourage you to call McLaughlin Hoist & Crane to consult with our experienced sales engineers to determine the correct electrification system to suit your needs.

We provide design & installation of complete electrification systems, as well as sales of electrification components.  Because we stock over 5,000 feet of festoon cable and cords, plus thousands of feet in conductor bar, we can provide you with the products that you need immediately.

Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor bar systems are used for the electrification of mobile equipment and are often used on overhead crane runways and bridges. Conductor bar is a safe, economical and low maintenance way to meet mobile electrification demands. Depending on the application there are various options and accessories that can be custom engineered for your conductor bar system.

In addition to the conductor bar itself, we supply collectors, replacement collector shoes, collector posts, a variety of conductor bar mounting options, and everything else you may need to complete your system.


Conductix® Safe-Lec 2TM

Conductix® Safe-Lec 2 is a “V” contact conductor bar available in 60 amp, 100 amp, 125 amp, 200 amp, 160 amp, 250 amp, 315 amp, and 400 amp capacities @ 600 volts max.  Safe-Lec 2 provides many great benefits including positive collector shoe tracking (collector shoes are guided by metal bar not insulation), IP2 “finger safe” insulation is peaked to help shed water and dust, fewer splice joints (14.75′ sections as opposed to 10′), and fewer expansion joints required (up to 150 meter runs without an expansion joint).  In addition to the standard bar systems, Safe-Lec 2 is also available with heated wire, stainless steel hardware, green bonding (ground) conductor covers, black “UV resistant” covers, and curved systems.

Conductix Saf-Lec 2 Brochure


Conductix® Hevi-Bar 2TM

Conductix® Hevi-Bar 2 delivers reliable, high-capacity service needed by large capacity cranes and other demanding applications. Ampacity selections include 500 amps, 700 amps, 1000 amps, and 1500 amps, at 600 volts. Some features of Hevi-Bar 2 are its ability to be mounted with the bars on a vertical or horozontal plane, its design uses surface area instead of mass to dissipate heat generated by high current conditions, and its wide selection of insulation covers including orange, green, “UV resistant”, and medium or high heat versions. Hevi-Bar2 is also available with an optional DURI-COAT finish, a special formula that combines a ceramic compound with an epoxy binder to provide superior corrosion resistance and adhesion to the base materials.

Conductix Hevi-Bar 2 Brochure


Duct-O-Wire® Conductor Bar

Duct-O-Wire® Conductor Bar is a reliable, safe, and economical moving power system for overhead cranes and hoists. It is available in 90 & 110 Amp in rolled galvanized steel, 160 amp in copper laminated rolled stainless steel, 250 amp in steel laminated rolled copper, 350 amp rolled electrolite copper, and 500 amp in extruded electrolite copper. Conductor bar is avaliable with special insulation covers for high heat and for UV resistance. Special features also include curved sections, heated conductor bar, and built in expansion sections.

Duct-O-Wire Conductor Bar Brochure

Festoon Systems

C-Track Festoons are used for providing power to a runway, bridge crane, or hoist & trolley.  In addition to the power supply, cable festoon systems can guide a large number of control lines and optical fiber cables, which optionally can also be moved with control carriers independent of the power loads.  The Festoon Cable which is typically flat will stack up without twisting and the trolleys can accommodate multiple layers of cable.

At McLaughlin Hoist & Crane, we distribute conductor bar systems and accessories from Duct-O-Wire, Magnatek/Electromotive, Conductix/Insul 8, and Wampfler among others.


  1. Fixed End Jucntion Box
  2. Terminal Strips
  3. Cable Connectors
  4. End Clamp
  5. Track Hanger Clamp Assembly
  6. Intermediate Trolley
  7. Cross Arm Support Channels
  8. Beam Clamp (for cross arm support channels)
  9. C-Track Channel
  10. Control Unit w/Junction Box
  11. Track Joint Assembly
  12. Pendant Cable
  13. Pendant Station
  14. Tow Arm
  15. Tow Trolley
  16. Flat PVC Cable
  17. End Stop

TagLine Systems

Tag-Line Festoon Cable Systems, also called “streched wire festoon” are designed to provide reliable performance in light duty applications where intermediate supports are not available.  They are common components on short-run monorails, jib cranes, and workstation cranes.  A tag-line system consists of a steel cable stretched tight with trolleys or rings carring round cord.  McLaughlin Hoist & Crane provides installation of Tag-Line electrification systems and sales of components.

CAT1005.0 Festoon Systems.indd

Cord Reels

Another alternative for providing power to a mobile machinery are cord/cable reels.  Cord reels consist of multi-conductor cable wrapped around a rotating drum.  They can be mounted stationary or on a swivel base to allow it to payout in different directions.  Cable reels can be used for many systems that require the payout and retrieval of cable to mobile equipment, but are most often used to power monorail hoists and below-the-hook devices.  Motor powered cord reels are also available for applications requiring larger cable or longer spans.  Give us a call us at (636) 343-9700 for more information or to place an order.


1200 Series

The best-built small cable reel on the market. When a “throw-away” reel won’t do, try the 1200! 12″ diameter spool; available with receptacles and drop lights.

Power Reel Series Cable Reels General Catalog


1400 Series

Larger than the 1200 Series and even more robust, covering the mid-range of our line. A great value with features you will not find on other reels.

Power Reel Series Cable Reels General Catalog


1500 to 3500 Series

These are equipped with a special slip ring housing for use in hazardous locations.

Power Reel Series Cable Reels General Catalog


1900 to 3600 Series

The 19″, 24″, 32″, and 36″ diameter PowerReels® handle larger and longer cables. The 3200 and 3600 has many useful features, such as external spring adjustment and quickchange spring motors.

Power Reel Series Cable Reels General Catalog


6100 Series

The low profile 6100 Series is ideal for exceptionally demanding applications and restricted spaces. Features flange mounting.

Power Reel Series Cable Reels General Catalog