McLaughlin Hoist & Crane


Lifting Slings


At McLaughlin Hoist & Crane, we carry a large selection of slings of all types. Whether it be a wire rope, chain, wire mesh, or synthetic sling that you are looking for, we will have what suits your needs. We distribute slings from Pewag, CM, and Wearflex to name a few.


Alloy Chain Slings

Singel to Quadruple Leg

Grades 80, 100, & 120

Large variety of hardware & end fittings


Wire Rope Slings

Customization for your rigging application!

  • Single to Quadruple leg
  • Large Variety of setups (SOS, DOS, DOG, TOG, TOS, QOG, etc.)
  • Variety of end fittings available (masterlinks, d-rings, hooks, etc.)
  • Eye to Eye Slings
  • Endless Slings
Synthetic Slingssynthetic_slingsRoundslingsroundslings

Synthetic Slings

These lightweight and easy to use slings are best utilized in situations where the loads need to be protected from damage, or a flexible sling is required for easy rigging.

Nylon & Polyester Construction
Various Configurations Available (eye-eye, endless, hardware/fittings on ends)

Roundslings are made from a continuous loop of polyester fiber covered by a tubular jacket.  Core yarns carry 100% of load.  Outer jacket protects the load bearing fibers from damage.


Alloy Mesh Slings

Widely used in metalworking machine shops and other industries where loads are abrasive, hot or have sharp edges, such as bar stock or plate steel. Mesh slings grip the load firmly without stretching, and the sling width greatly enhances load balancing.