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Motors, Brakes & Geartrains

McLaughlin Hoist & Crane offers a wide range of motors, brakes, & gearboxes to fit your crane. Below are some of the drives and brakes that we have available. Please contact our qualified sales engineers for more information or help in selecting the correct component for your application.



Magnetek Inverter Duty Motors – Blue Max® & Black Max® Motors

Magnetek offers a line of superior performing, yet economical, inverter duty motors, designed to meet the demands of crane and hoist applications. Encoders are provided as optional equipment on all of Magnetek’s inverter duty motors to operate with AC Vector motor controls.

Black Max® Motors are designed to meet the needs of more common crane applications through 50hp. Blue Max® Motors are ideal when the application requires more precise motion control and up to 500hp. A high horsepower version of the Blue Max® Motor is also available, providing up to 1000 hp.

Magnetek Inverter Duty Motors Catalog


Reuland Crane & Hoist Motors

Reuland’s crane and hoist motors have been the corner stone of their company for over 50 years.

Widely recognized by both the Crane Manufactures Association of America (CMAA) and the Hoist Manufactures Institute (HMI), a wide variety of designs and enclosures from fractional to 250 horsepower are available.

Motors can be ordered in 1800, 1200, 900, 720, and 600 rpm. Hoist designs from severe service to standby exist. Likewise, bridge and trolley motors from continuous service to infrequent duty are available. These motors come in both AC induction and Wound Rotor designs.

Reuland Crane & Hoist Motor Catalog


Reuland Wound-Rotor Motors

Reuland Electric manufactures a complete line of continuous and intermittent duty wound rotor (WR) motors. Reuland WR motors provide adjustable speed, staring current, and starting torque. With the proper resistance in the rotor circuit, a series or family of speed vs. torque curves can be developed. Standard or special secondary values can be provided. External resistors not included. Horsepower ratings vary from fractional to 250 horsepower in frame sizes of 182-449. Available speeds are 1800, 1200, 900, 720, or 600 Rpm’s. WR motors can be supplied with different options depending on the application.

Intermittent duty WR motors are widely used on crane and hoist applications. A complete line of 15, 30, and 60-minute duty ratings are offered. Generally, these motors are provided as open drip proof or totally enclosed non-ventilated. Breakdown torque on crane and hoist WR motors is 275%.

Reuland Wound-Rotor Motor Catalog


Reuland Inverter Duty Motors

Reuland variable speed, inverter duty motors are available in both open loop and closed loop designs. Series 100 and Phasor2000 styles are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications.

Reuland’s unique slot designs minimize the heating and noise effects induced by drive switching frequencies (harmonics) and eliminate typical cogging at low frequency operation.

Variable speed motors are available from fractional horsepower through several hundred horsepower in open, enclosed and blower cooled enclosures, continuous or intermittent duty.

Reuland Inverter Duty Motor Catalog



Mondel® Brakes

Mondel Brakes 200S, 300M, 400D Models
Mondel brakes are backed with over 25 years experience and engineering principles proven by the most arduous applications industry has to offer. Their brake family consists of the 200S General Purpose Industrial Brakes, 300M AIST-NEMA Mill Duty Brakes, 400D Heavy Duty Disc Brakes, and Custom Engineered Brakes.

The 200S range is very flexible and consists of a basic movement which can be fitted with a variety of DC, AC, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical operators. The many optional features make the basic brakes suitable for a large number of different applications.

The 300M advanced design features, combined with fabricated steel construction, makes this range of brakes suitable for applications requiring reliable braking with the minimum of maintenance and downtime. Applications include steel mills, stacker reclaimers, shiploaders, port cranes, shipyard cranes, offshore drilling rigs, missile assembly cranes, incinerator cranes and large gantry cranes.

The 400D advanced design features, combined with our heavy duty steel construction and superior components, make this range of brakes your best choice for applications requiring optimal performance, reliability and durability. Plus, Mondel Disc Brakes are designed to be easy to service and maintain.

Mondel Brake Family Product Catalog


Reuland Brakes

Reuland Brakes supplied by McLaughlin Hoist & Crane
Reuland offers a wide variety of brakes for various applications. The popular MagnaStop brake is a solenoid activated, spring set type brake. Torque ratings available range from (1.5-20) lb. Ft. The brake can be ordered as a traditional C-face mount, as a “double C-face” design, or as a foot mounted design. Reuland also offers a wide range of direct acting magnetic disc brakes. Torque ratings available vary from 1.5 to 1000 lb. Ft.

Reuland brakes are defined as “fail safe”. When power is applied to the brake, the brake releases the motor shaft. The load is then free to turn. When power is removed or lost, the brake grabs the motor shaft and stops the load. A brake release knob or flipper is provided to manually release the brake. We offer both adjustable and non-adjustable designs. Reuland brakes are available in both single and three phase designs. Some brakes are available in DC power. Finally, Reuland offers it’s “X” series brakes. These brakes are designed to mount to non-Reuland built motors.

Reuland Brakes Catalog


Stearns Solenoid Actuated Brakes

Stearns Solenoid Actuated Brakes (SABs) are spring-set, electrically released brakes, utilizing a solenoid and lever arrangement to release the brake. SABs are available in many configurations including Close Coupled, Double C-face, Division 1 or Division 2 Hazardous location, Foot Mounted, and Navy/Maritime/Marine Duty. SABs mount directly to a NEMA C-face motor.

Stearns Solenoid Actuated Brakes Catalog


Stearns Armature Actuated Brakes

Stearns Armature Actuated Brakes (AABs) are spring-set, electrically released direct-acting brakes which develop holding and braking torque in the absence of electrical power. Direct acting brakes use a magnet that pulls directly on a plate (armature) to release the brake. This brake can decelerate and hold a rotational load or can be ordered to provide a holding function only, where the motor is used as the dynamic brake.

Stearns Armature Actuated Brakes Catalog


Dings Direct Acting Brakes

Dings’ brakes are specifically engineered to provide you with years of trouble-free performance.

Dings’ brakes operate on a very simple principle: while the motor is running with power engaged, an electromagnet within the brake pulls back the pressure plate, allowing the friction discs and motor shaft to rotate freely. When power is cut to the motor, the electromagnet releases, instantly stopping the rotating discs and preventing the motor shaft from turning. This direct acting design has only one moving part with no complicated linkages to break or fail. You won’t have to worry about your brake – leaving you more time for your other responsibilities.

Dings Direct Acting Brakes Catalog



SEW Eurodrive F-Series (Snuggler) Gearmotors

SEW-Eurodrive’s F-Series parallel helical gearmotor lives up to its name as the ideal drive for tight space conditions. This compact drive, with its multiple mounting configurations, is a rugged alternative to right-angled gearmotors.

The extra-slim parallel shaft helical gearmotors are the perfect solution when space is limited. The many different sizes and designs ensure that the gearmotors can be used in a wide variety of applications even under the most unfavorable conditions. You can choose from foot-, flange- or shaft-mounted options. Reduced backlash parallel shaft helical gear units are also available on request for precise positioning tasks.

McLaughlin Hoist & Crane carries all SEW Eurodrive products in addition to the popular F-Series Snuggler.

SEW Eurodrive F-Series Gearmotors Catalog