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A pendant station is the primary interface between the crane and crane operator. It is generally a hanging rectangular enclosure holding switches that are activated by plungers which open or close a given switch. Control signals are normally transmitted to the hoist or crane through a pendant cord, however, more advanced wireless radio controls are available. The top of the pendant can either be attached to the hoist itself or to a “floating” pendant festoon system. The “floating pendant” allows the crane operator to control the crane from any position along the bridge. Insure productive use of your crane by purchasing ergonomic and easy to use pendant stations form McLaughlin Hoist & Crane. We distribute and istall replacement pendant stations, pendant cords, pin & plug connectors, and complete “floating” pendant systems.

Pendant Cord

Our stocked pendant cord selection includes:
16 AWG / 3 Conductor – with internal steel strain cable
16 AWG / 8 Conductor – with dual external strain cable
16 AWG / 12 Conductor – with dual external strain cable
16 AWG / 16 Conductor – with dual external strain cable
16 AWG / 24 Conductor

Pendant Stations


Electromotive® SBP, SBP2, & SBI

SB Series pendants revolutionary pendant push button station features all the performance of a larger model, in a lightweight slim-line pendant. Even the twelve-button model weighs under three pounds. For absolute control with less effort than traditional pendants, SB uses a unique double-spring push button design. Built to withstand the most brutal environments, the housing is made of highly impact-resistant and watertight material. Available from 2 to 12 button configurations with single, two, or three speed buttons, and your choice of momentary or maintained start/stop buttons. Optional features include selector switch for use with more than one hoist, key start switches, buttons with both normally open and normally closed switches, and indicating lights. We offer standard pre-built pendant stations, custom pendant stations, and replacement pushbuttons/boots/labeling.

Electromotive SBP Pendants Catalog

Electromotive SBP2 Pendants Catalog

Electromotive SBI Pendants Catalog


Duct-O-Wire® J Series

The J Series pendants provide one speed to five speed controls in a durable and lightweight polypropylene enclosure. Pendants are available from 6 button to eleven button configurations.

Duct-O-Wire J Series Catalog


Duct-O-Wire® L Series

The L Series pendants are available in two button to ten button configurations. Options are a slim back profile for ergonomic look and feel or a deep back profile for extra wiring space. It provides one, two, and three speed controls.

Duct-O-Wire L Series Catalog


Square D® Pendants

Square D pendants are made of high impact polycarbonate construction. They provide one, two, three, or five speed controls.

Square D Pendants Catalog


Hubbbell® PBC

The PBC is a cam operated station assembled in a variety of enclosure types. These stations are available with special circuit configuration and can be from one to five speeds, stepped or stepless operation. Many options are available for this type of station, including duplex construction with conduit boxes selector switches and many other special features. From 1 to 12 button (plus toggle switch) configurations available. Steel enclosure with fiberglass rear access/insulating cover.

Hubbell Pendants Catalog


Hubbbell® PBP

PBP pendant stations are weatherproof, heavy duty rubber stations with plug in pushbutton inserts, from one to five speeds. Electrically insulated, highly durable weatherproof nitrile-vinyl rubber enclosure with a durometer reading exceeding that of an automobile tire. Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 motion enclosures. Plug-in single through five speed inserts for easy installation, inspection or replacement without disturbing wiring. Mechanical interlock prevents activating both buttons simultaneously.

Hubbell Pendants Catalog


Hubbbell® PBM

PBM pendant stations are lightweight and ergonomic and use 22mm operators. One through five speed buttons are available. Enclosures are NEMA 4X construction with CSA & UL Approval. Light Weight, Rugged Molded Enclosures, “Safety Yellow.” Molded-in Stainless Steel hanger brackets for external strain-relief cable. Provisions for internal strain relief are also provided. Five Enclosure sizes, 3 to 11 button with provision for single function option — pilot light, selector switch, push-pull unit, etc. Enclosures gasketed for NEMA 4X rating; Watertight, Dust-tight, Corrosion Resistant. Enclosure arranged for internal grounding screw. Optional Mechanical Interlocks.

Hubbell Pendants Catalog


Hubbbell® Mini-Master

The Mini-Master Switch uses a handle operated cam switch mechanism in a NEMA rated housing.  It is engineered for use where multi-circuit master switch control is preferred.  Typically used on CMAA duty overhead cranes and similar applications.  It is available in your choice of spring return or maintained vertical position handle.  The plunger detents provide operator “positive position feel”.  Up to 5 speed points in each direction and up to 16 circuits plus feed for each direction allow unlimited operation sequences.

Hubbell Pendants Catalog