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Scales/Overload Devices

Scales & Overload protection serve two important goals; improved safety and increased efficiency. Crane scales and overload devices allow operators to know how close the load they are lifting is to maximum capacity and if a dangerous situation exists if a load is over capacity. They also increase efficiency as they allow operators to maximize the work they accomplish during their shift.

The inherent efficiency of the crane scale guarantees its continuing popularity. A correctly installed crane scale lets operators accomplish two things at once; move materials and simultaneously gather accurate weigh data or inventory information.

The ideal crane scale must be more than accurate and the following scales are not only accurate, but easy to read and unquestionably safe for overhead operation.

Crane Scales & Load Cells


StraightPoint LoadLink Plus Electronic Dynomometer

Known worldwide as the original electronic force measurement device to feature an integral display, the Load Link Plus tension load cell / digital dynamometer has been in production since 1979.  It is used for load monitoring and heavy lifts ranging from 1-Ton to 500-Ton, by a variety of industrial and commercial industries including manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, oil & gas, utilities, and clean energy.

StraightPoint loadcells can be read from a display on the unit, a handheld receiver, or from a laptop/PC using StraightPoint user friendly windows based software.  The software allows instantaneous load readings as well as data logging, summed loads, and center of gravity readings.  The wireless configuration allows units to work with up to 24 loadcells in unison!

Constructed of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, Straightpoints advanced internal design structure allows the product to set the industry standard for strength to weight ratio.  Straightpoint link style load cell dynamometers are on average 30% lighter than the competition with the same safety rating.  Its rugged lightweight design, corrosion resistant finish, advanced electronics, and full feature display make the Load Link Plus a force to reckon with.  It is available with display/controls located on the unit or with the display conveniently located on a full functioning handheld radio remote (RadioLink Plus).  All Straightpoint products are supplied with certificate of calibration/proof testing, carry/storage case, and operator manual.

StraightPoint LoadLink Plus Data Sheet

StraightPoint RadioLink Plus Data Sheet

StraightPoint WireLink Plus Data Sheet


StraightPoint Shackle Loadcell

StraightPoint Shackle Loadcells offer lighter overall weight and reduced headroom vs competing digital loadcell instruments.  Manufactured in capacities from 1-Ton to 1,000-Tons, they are an excellent choice for heavy lift and rigging applications where headroom is an issue or more a more permanant load monitoring solution is called for.

The Shackle Loadcell are available in wired or wireless configuration and can be read from a handheld receiver or from a laptop/PC using StraightPoint user friendly windows based software.  The software allows instantaneous load readings as well as data logging, summed loads, and center of gravity readings.  The wireless configuration allows units to work with up to 24 loadcells in unison!

All StraightPoint shackle loadcells are manufactured from industry leading Crosby G2130 & G2140 high carbon steel shackles.  The carbon steel shackle pin is replaced by a high strength, twice aged or precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless steel instrumented shackle pin specifically engineered for each capacity to provide high accuracy and repeatability.  All shackle load cells as standard are supplied with centralizing bobbin, proof test certificate, operator manual, and wooden crate.

StraightPoint Wireless Load Shackle Data Sheet

StraightPoint Wired Load Shackle Data Sheet


StraightPoint MiniWeigher Plus Crane Scale

The MiniWeigher crane scale will suit most lifting applications from 200# to 5-Ton.  This scale is small and compact, yet offers robust construction, high accuracy, and extreme portability.  The MiniWeigher features full function push button controls for tare, choice of units, peak hold, preset tare, audible set point alarm, and an overload counter.  It’s advanced microprocessor based electronics provide the MiniWeigher Plus with high speed rates (500/sec), extreme resistance to industrial level noise, and unprecedented stability.  The lightweight design, weatherproof construction, corrosion resistant finish, advanced electronics, and full feature display make the MiniWeigher Plus the ideal candidate when looking for a compact and lightweight crane scale.  All Straightpoint products are supplied with certificate of calibration and proof testing.

StraightPoint MiniWeigher Plus Data Sheet


StraightPoint Jumbo Weigher Crane Scale

The Jumbo Weigher crane scales are available in 5-Ton, 10-Ton, and 20-Ton capacities.  They are a popular choice worldwide among steel service centers and other industrial manufacturers.  The Jumbo Weigher series of crane scales offer high capacity, quality, accuracy, and safety at prices comparable to others low capacity scales.  Each Jumbo Weigher crane scale receives superior electronics, excellent build quality, and certified calibration and proof testing.  The heavy duty crane scale is extremely accurate, and is manufactured from quality materials, featuring a weatherproof high strength aluminum alloy outer housing.

Each unit is equipped with a large and bright LED display that can be easily read even in direct sunlight.  The simple to use handheld remote features oversized buttons for use with gloved hands and provides for control of hold & tare functions. Battering charging intervals are extended by the standby power saving mode as well as the automatic shut off feature.

StraightPoint Jumbo Weigher Data Sheet


StraightPoint Jumbo Weigher Trade Crane Scale

The Jumbo Weigher Trade crane scale is suitable for overhead weighing applications where materials are charged for by weight.  It is available in 1.5-Ton, 3-Ton, or 5-Ton capacities.  The bright LED display is easy to read even in the lowest light applications.  It features high accuracy, heavy duty aluminum housing, weatherproof construction, power saving mode, tare function, hold function, and super bright LED display.  It is OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) approved.  The simple to use handheld remote features oversized buttons for use with gloved hands and provides for control of hold & tare functions.  All Straightpoint products are supplied with certificate of calibration and proof testing.

StraightPoint Jumbo Weigher Trade Data Sheet


Dillon AP Dynamometer

The Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction and weight measuring instrument. Available in capacities from 500 to 100,000 pounds, 200 to 50,000 kilograms, 2,000 to 500,000 Newtons. It is designed for a long life. The core of the device is a steel flexing beam. The enclosure is a heavy aluminum alloy case with baked on protective finish. The dial face is sealed and cushioned with a rubber gasket. The AP Dynamometer is safe for overhead lifting with a 5:1 ultimate safety factor on most models and can be used like a tare. It can cancel preset load values up to 20% of device capacity.

Dillon AP Dynamometer Brochure
Dillon AP Dynamometer Specifications


Dillon EDExtreme

The Dillon EDXtreme is a remotely monitored, modular dynamometer so flexible it could serve as a simple hanging scale or could form the hub of a complex weighing system. With multiple dynamometers monitoring many critical lifting points in the same airspace – all from a single wireless remote. Available in capacities up to 250,000 Tons! This is a precise instrument that can survive real-world punishment. It has superior strength and corrosion resistance, a 5:1 strength and safety ratio creates low stress and a long product life, and NEMA 4X/IP55 for reliability in any environment, in-plant or out on the job site.

Dillon EDExtreme Brochure
Dillon EDExtreme Specifications


Dillon EDJunior

The EDJunior is an extremely well-built instrument that gets straight to the point – apply a load and take a reading. Its Spartan design is a direct response to industries that have wanted a well-built instrument that could be relied upon for simple, yet critical measurements of force and weight. The load element design and strain gauges chosen for the EDJunior produce and accuracy of 0.2% (full scale). The exclusive Dillon SOFTKEY interface provides direct access to setup and display functions without the typical confusing menu structure. Through the use of aircraft quality aluminum, Dillon has made the EDJunior an easy-to-position, highly mobile instrument with exceptional strength. It offers an impressive 7:1 factor of safety at all capacities through 10,000 lb and 5:1 at 25,000 lb. Dillon’s distinctive angle-body design further eliminates unnecessary weight and streamlines the unit to help prevent binding.

Dillon EDJunior Brochure
Dillon EDJunior Specifications


Tractel Dynafor® LL Series

Tractel Dynafor LL Series is a large assortment of electronic load indicators working according to the dynamometer principle. They are precision load indicators to measure tensile forces and determine hanging loads.

The DYNAFOR™ LLX is available in capacities from 500 lbs to 250 t (500,000 lbs), with precision of +/- 0.2 % .

The DYNAFOR™ LLX2 unit consists of a sensor and a remotely installed display. It is available in capacities from 1,000 lbs to 10 t (20,000 lbs), with precision of +/- 0.1%

DYNAFOR™ LLXh unit consists of a sensor and a remotely installed display. It is available in capacities from 15 t (30,000 lbs) to 250 t (500,000 lbs) with precision of +/- 0.2%

DYNAFOR™ LLZ devices offer the best possible quality/price ratio among electronic load indicators. They are available in capacities from 500 lbs to 20 t (40,000 lbs), with precision of 0.8 %.


Tractel Dynafor® MWX

The DYNAFOR™ MWX+ and MWX+ TR are a part of the Tractel crane scale product range. They are specifically suitable for the quantification of hanging loads (Lbs) in industrial environments. They are available in capacities from 1,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs, with precision of 0.1 %. The Dynafor MWX is equipped with permanent hanging ring and hook with safety lever. An optional wireless remote instrument reading is also available.

Overload Devices

Overload devices have proven to be an important step towards overhead crane safety. They provide operators with vital information, letting them know if the load that they are lifting is at a critical capacity. Overload devices can be wired in a number of ways. The most common techniques for setup is to activate a warning lamp/horn or even to shut off the signal for lifting when a load is too large. Placing the overload switch in the “up” circuit allows a load to still be lowered in the event that it becomes overloaded, even though it will not raise.


Dillon Craneguard

Craneguard force control switches provide crane overload protection and slack-line detection. They are an effective and affordable warning system that is easy to install. They clamp directly on hoist or crane wire rope, there is no need to cut rope or interrupt service. They can be wired to activate a warning light or audible alarm or interrupt a crane’s power source when cable loads reach specified levels. Craneguard is also versatile as each system can include from one to four switches, each with a preset load limit.

Dillon Craneguard & Dynaswitch Brochure


Dillon Dynaswitch

Dillon load limit Dyna-Switches are the economical answer to process control weighing, automation and overload applications where electrical circuits need to be activated proportional to load. Capacities from 100 lb to 50,000 lb are available with one to four control switches infinitely adjustable over the entire range.

Dillon Craneguard & Dynaswitch Brochure


StraightPoint LoadPin Load Sensor

If a pin exists within a defined load path or can be fitted to experience a force, then a StraightPoint LoadPin can be installed to monitor that load.  Example applications include sheave pins and pins for dead end fittings.  The load measuring pin senses the force applied across it, via strain gauges installed within a small bore through the center of the pin.  Two grooves are machined into the outer circumference of the pin to define the sheer planes, which are located between the forces being measured.

They are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are normally supplied complete with an anti-rotation plate.  Each LoadPin is built to exacting standards and are suitable for use in exposed situations.  They are proof loaded to 150% of the normal rated load.

StraightPoint LoadPin Data Sheet

StraightPoint LoadPin Questionare


StraightPoint Miscellaneous Load Sensors

Miscellaneous load sensors available to meet your specific application.  Whether you need to measure a given through tension or compression, we can provide a solution for you.  StraightPoint’s range of load sensors include LoadBlocks with an integral display, compression load cells, shackle load cells, and S Beam load cells.  Options are available for these loadcells to communicate through wired connections or via wireless systems.

StraightPoint LoadBlock Plus Data Sheet

StraightPoint Shackle Load Cell Data Sheet

StraightPoint Compression Load Cell Data Sheet

StraightPoint S Beam Load Cell Data Sheet


Tractel Dynasafe® Load Limiter

The Tractel Dynasafe Load Limiter is a mechanical load limiter for installation on load bearing wire rope. It generates a signal in the event that a programmable target value is exceeded. Available in capacities from 550 lb to 26,000 lb per fall. There are versions with one threshold or two independent thresholds.