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Tractor Drives

Single tractor drives are used to traverse trolleys across bridged or monorails. This single, powerful, motorized tractor provides fast horizontal travel while minimizing worker fatigue. Tractor drives can also be designed to accommodate any make of crane. Twin tractor units of the same design as the single unit tractor can be used to convert push-type crane bridges to electric drive. The twin unit synchronized Tractor Drives are wired to a universal electrical control panel located on the master tractor to provide simultaneous operation.

There are several benefits of tractor drives over traditional drives. The drive wheel on a tractor drive engages the underside of the beam that it is riding on, providing positive power drive. This provides much more traction for driving loads where a traditional drive may slip. Additionally, tractor drives are easy to install without removing or disturbing existing equipment. They can be used to upgrade manually powered equipment or to replace obsolete drives.


Saturn® Drive Tractors

Saturn drive tractors come in three designs. The T-144 HP is a standard duty model, the T-150 HP is a heavy duty version, and the T-200 is an extra-heavy duty design. Saturn drive tractors run on most wide flange, “S” shape, or patented track beams. They are also available as enclosed track drives and all tractors are available as either electric or air powered. The T-144 and T-150 can be designed as articulating trolley tractors, which can smoothly negotiate tight radius turns.

Saturn Drive Tractor Specifications
Saturn T-144 HP Dimensions
Saturn T-150 HP Dimensions
Saturn T-200 HP Dimensions


Chester® Drive Tractors

Chester Tractor Drives deliver greater productivity with existing push-type under hung crane bridges or push-type monorail hoists by offering motorized travel. Designed for capacities up to 5 tons, Chester Tractor Drives are easy to install without removing or disturbing existing equipment. Units are available for a variety of capacities, speeds, and runway beams. Units are available with standardized controls for single or dual operation, without controls or with customized controls. Other options include two speed, variable speed, soft starts, motor brakes, various voltage and control options.

Chester Drive Tractor Catalog