McLaughlin Hoist & Crane


Workstation Cranes

McLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE is a supplier of workstation crane systems, which provide an economic way to handle light loads. Adding a workstation crane to an area or work process of frequent and repetitive lifts is an excellent way to boost productivity and reduce work related injuries.

Workstation cranes offer a lighter maximum capacity, easier installation, and lower cost than overhead bridge cranes. McLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE supplies workstation cranes in both free standing and ceiling mounted designs.

  • Free standing models are self-supported, so they do not put any stress on the building’s overhead structure.
  • Ceiling mounted designs keep the work area clear of any supporting structures, but require adequate overhead structure.

McLaughlin Hoist and Crane can provide custom designed workstation cranes & pre-engineered systems.  Pre-engineered systems have several factors that make them a popular choice including:

  • Modular Design – Easy to install, relocate, and expand.
  • Bolt Together Assembly – no welding, can be assembled with only hand tools
  • Ease of Movement & Positioning
  • Very Easy Rolling Force (100:1 ratio)
    • An operator can move a 500 pound load with only 5 pounds of force