McLaughlin Hoist & Crane


McLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE is full supplier of the industry’s top names in chain and wire rope hoists. Whether you need a wire rope or chain hoist; electric, pneumatic, or manual powered; light or heavy capacity; McLaughlin Hoist & Crane can supply you with the proper hoist at a competitive price.

We carry a full line of electric chain and wire rope hoists in stock for immediate delivery as well as many other brands. Our stocked hoists include ½ Ton to 5 Ton Electric Hoists, ½ Ton and 1 Ton Air Hoists, manual (lever and hand chain operated) hoists, 3-phase and single-phase hoists, hook or lug suspensions, push or motorized trolley suspensions, and pull cord or pendant controlled hoists.

We are distributors of Air Hoists from ¼ thru 35 Tons, Electric Hoists from 1/8 thru 60 Tons, and Manual Hoists from ¼ thru 25 Tons. Explosion proof Hoists and Cranes are also available. If we do not carry the hoist that you are looking for in stock, we promise to locate it and get it to you as soon as possible.

For more detailed information on our lines of hoists available, please follow the links below.

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Electric Chain Hoists
Air Hoists (Wire Rope & Chain)
Manual Hoists
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