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Air Hoists (Wire Rope & Chain)


YALE® Cable King Air

YALE® Cable King Air hoists are available from 1/2 through 35 ton capacities. All YALE Cable King hoists are manufactured with Weston mechanical load brakes, adjustable geared upper and lower limit switches, and upper block operated limit switches. YALE® Cable King models offer thousands of combinations of features, capacities and lift lengths, making the Cable King an excellent choice when special requirements exist. A full range of compatible trolleys can be furnished. These hoists are available as deck and base mounted units. Available in monorail or deck mount versions for use in a variety of standard and hazardous locations.

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YALE® Y80 Series

YALE® Y80 Air Wire Rope Hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application from 1 to 5 tons. Lug, push, geared, or motorized trolleys can be furnished. The Yale Y80 Series features a powerful 8 blade crane type air vane motor (especially designed for high-torque operation), pendant throttle control (two lever handle meters the air for precise variable speed control), block operated upper limit switch standard, Weston type mechanical load brake,one piece welded frame, dual brake reliability, powerful drive motor, and an enclosed oil-bath lubricated drive train.

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YALE® brand KALC models are available in capacities from 1 through 3 tons. Important features include clutch overload protection, Weston type mechanical load brake, multi-vane rotary air motor for high torque, smooth operation, hook or lug suspension, and pendant throttle controls. KALC models are also available with compatible plain, geared, and air motor driven trolleys.

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BUDGIT® Series 2200

BUDGIT® Series 2200 models are available in capacities from 1/4 through 1 ton. Spark resistant models are rated at 3/8 and 3/4 ton. They are manufactured with pull cord or pendant controls, link or roller chain, hook suspension for portability or lug suspension for close headroom needs, heavy duty shoe type brake, external brake adjustment, limit stops to prevent over-travel, eight vane motor for smooth starting and control, and built-in muffler.

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Chester SLA Low Headroom Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Chester SLA low headroom air pneumatic chain hoists are made in the USA and available in capacities from 1-Ton to 24-Tons.  Its compact design provides ultra-low headroom and compact overall envelope dimensions.  Pilot air control permits variable speed for hoisting and trolley traversing.  Its strong and durable steel construction even allows for many available options including spark resistant packages, corrosion resistant finishes, swivel trolleys, emergency stop, chain container, rubber bumpers, and safety drop lugs.

Chester SLA Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist General Catalog


CM® ShopAir

CM ShopAir hoists are available in capacities from 1/8 through 1/2 ton. Typical components include a Standard Protector overload device, lightweight, compact design, 10-pocket lift-wheel for longer chain life, double reduction gearing, epoxy powder coat finish, and a variable flow, two level pendant. CM ShopAir models are available with hook suspension to fit many trolley types or suitable structural support. CM ShopAir hoists have a lifetime warranty.

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Coffing® TMM-140 Air Manipulator

Coffing TMM-140 is the ideal workstation hoist. Lightweight and portable, the unit weighs less than 20 pounds and operates at 100% (A5) duty cycle. The TMM-140 has a 300# capacity. It is easy to use with a handle mounted pendant control for one-handed operation and infinite speed control for accurate load positioning.

Coffing TMM-140 Product Information