McLaughlin Hoist & Crane



You may have the best-trained, most safety conscious operators, but if your overhead cranes and hoists are not properly inspected and maintained, you could suffer expensive failures and accidents – that could be prevented.


OSHA (CFR-29 §1910.179) requires that all industries have frequent and periodic safety inspections and establish a maintenance program for all overhead hoisting equipment.  At MCLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE, we provide these mandated OSHA Compliance and Preventative Maintenance Inspections.

Our inspections will not only assist you in complying with these OSHA regulations, but will also make your operation more efficient.  Well-maintained equipment has proven to increase productivity and job site safety by reducing the frequency of costly breakdowns and potential injury to your employees.  Our inspectors specialize in anticipating problems before they become failures and repairing them before they cost you valuable down time. Look to McLaughlin Hoist & Crane to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency!

Our inspections are very thorough and are complete with a detailed inspection report of each hoist or crane inspected. Not only do we deliver a hard copy of the inspection reports to you, but can also post them on a secure web portal created just for your company.  In addition to the inspection reports, we provide you with a proposal that outlines any repairs needed, so that we can keep you running safely and efficiently.


OSHA inspectors require that these inspection reports as well as the initial load test report for the equipment are available for their review. We find that those companies that don’t have inspection or load test records readily available are judged strictly on the scruples of the inspector and as a result are more susceptible to fines and unrelenting consultations.

Magnetic Particle Testing of Hooks Available!

We have training programs that can help your in-plant personnel to perform the daily shift
inspections and the monthly periodic inspections.