McLaughlin Hoist & Crane


Preventative Maintenance

McLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE performs preventative maintenance on all types of hoists and cranes to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently and to prevent costly down time. Preventative maintenance is often the least expensive and safest way to service your equipment. Don’t wait until you have a breakdown or an injury to get your cranes serviced; prevent the problems before they occur.

When hoists and cranes are properly maintained, productivity increases and costly injuries and accidents can be avoided, which ensures that our valuable service more than pays for itself.

To meet every need, we offer “in-house” repairs, “on-site” refurbishment, and 24-hour emergency service.

Benefits of Routine Crane Maintenance performed by McLAUGHLIN HOIST & CRANE

  • Equipment life will be dramatically increased.
  • Downtime resulting from unplanned failures will be greatly reduced.
  • Small repair issues will be found during maintenance allowing them to be corrected before they cause failures of much more expensive components.
  • Parts required for repairs can be identified and procured so they can be replaced during a scheduled shutdown.
  • In plant maintenance personnel can focus more efforts on other production machinery within the plant

Let us provide you with a comprehensive plant survey free of charge. We can discuss strategies for reducing downtime, shrinking the costs of maintenance, and greatly enhancing your plant’s productivity. Call us today. We’ll make sure you’re up to speed on everything we offer!

Not sure if your hoist or crane is operating properly? Our certified inspectors will check it out for you. Learn more about our inspection program.